Nano VNA 50KHz~900MHz HF VHF UHF UV Vector Network Analyzer


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NanoVNA 50KHz~900MHz Nano VNA HF VHF UHF UV Vector Network Analyzer Antenna Analyzer
About NanoVNA
NanoVNA is very tiny handheld Vector Network Analyzer (VNA),designed by edy555, it is a very portable but high-performance vector network analyzer. It is standalone with lcd display, portable device with battery.
Edy555 put his software at
View this link to get the original design documentation for edy555.
At first, NanoVNA was designed to work at 50kHz-300MHz. NanoVNA's mixer SA612A needs 5V power supply to work properly. The battery can't be driven directly. The original version of NanoVNA needs external USB power supply to work properly.Hugen recreated the NanoVNA based on the schematic of the edy555 and added a DC-DC circuit to allow the NanoVNA to work independently. Hugen tried to extend the measurement frequency using harmonics, allowing the NanoVNA to measure frequencies up to 900MHz. The Hugen version of the hardware and software is available through this link.
You can make or purchase a finished NanoVNA at a low cost. NanoVNA is now the most active vector network analyzer and antenna analyzer project in the community. Usually buying a finished NanoVNA-H is the most convenient way to get NanoVNA.
Edy555 is updating his software, harmonic extensions have been added, usually a well-made NanoVNA can be acquired better than 40dB dynamics at 900MHz , even we can expand to 1.5GHz, but only 20dB dynamics above 900MHz.
Cho45 adds TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) functionality to the NanoVNA. Time domain measurements are widely required by the community to quickly measure the length of the coaxial cable and determine the cable fault point by calculating the discontinuous impedance.
Product Details
PCB: 54mm x 85.5mm x 11mm (without connectors, switches)
Measurement frequency: 50KHz ~ 300MHz (50KHz -900MHz, enable extended firmware) RF output: -13dbm (maximum -9dbm)
Measurement range: 70dB (50kHz-300MHz), 60dB (300M-600MHz), 50dB (600M-900MHz) enable extended firmware);
Port SWR: < 1.1
Display: 2.8 inch TFT (320 x240)
USB interface: USB type-C communication mode: CDC (serial)
Power: USB 5V 120mA, built-in 300mAh or 500mAh battery, maximum charging current 0.8A
Number of scanning points: 101 (fixed)
Display Tracking: 4, Marking: 4, Setting Save: 5
Measuring S parameters, voltage standing wave ratio, phase, delay, Smith chart...
Item Packing
NanoVNA host (with battery and case) x 1
USB Type-C data cable x1
30mm SMA male to male RG174 RF cable x2
SMA simple calibration kit x1
SMA female to female connector x1
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