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BGC Gimbal Design

Let us take your gimbal project to new heights! Our expertise lies in designing and building gimbals, including providing BGC parts and motors. We offer versatile gimbal solutions tailored for aircraft, fixed-wing, handheld devices, cable cams, and rotary craft. Our gimbals have proven effective in various applications, from ships and cars to helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. Count on us to stabilize your image capture, even in dynamic, on-the-move scenarios. Elevate your imaging capabilities with our reliable gimbal solutions. BGC Motor LIST

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Brushless Moror Design

Introducing our cutting-edge lineup of electric motors and motor control solutions. From high-performance brushless motors (BLDC) to servo motors and gear reduction systems, we offer a comprehensive range of products to meet your specific needs. Our motors are designed with precision and innovation, incorporating advanced technologies such as flux radial flux and HALBACH arrays to deliver unparalleled efficiency and power. Whether you require motors for industrial automation, robotics, or electric vehicles, our diverse portfolio has you covered. But it's not just about motors – our expertise extends to motor control as well. With sophisticated driver analyses and state-of-the-art control algorithms like Field-Oriented Control (FOC) and VESC, we ensure optimal performance and reliability in every application. Partner with us and experience the difference that superior motor technology can make in your projects. From concept to execution, we're committed to delivering solutions that exceed expectations and drive success. Let's power your innovation together..

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UAS design manufacturing

At our core, we excel in drone UAS design and manufacturing, custom-tailored to meet your unique specifications. Whether it's payload capacity, flight time optimization, flight sealing for harsh conditions, or extending flight range, we're here to bring your vision to life. With expertise in coaxial propulsion and large multirotor craft, we specialize in crafting solutions that push the boundaries of possibility. Additionally, we offer component-level BGC and servo motors to further enhance your drone's performance and reliability. Let's collaborate to create the perfect UAS solution for your needs.

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Customizing Robots. quadruped, humanoid, and AI integration.

We provide comprehensive services for customizing robots, including quadruped, humanoid, and AI integration. From upgrading parts and controllers to enhancing motors and incorporating advanced Lidar technology, we offer solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's adding hands, arms, or other specialized components, we're here to bring your robotic vision to life with precision and expertise.

UAS operations. Data Collection.

Unlock the power of aerial intelligence with our UAS operations tailored for GIS, surveying, and LIDAR point cloud creation. From capturing high-resolution imagery for precise mapping to conducting photogrammetric data collection in agriculture, oil, and gas industries, we offer cutting-edge solutions to meet your needs. Our advanced UAS technology enables efficient data collection, analysis, and decision-making, empowering you to gain valuable insights and drive operational excellence. Elevate your aerial operations with our proven expertise and innovative solutions.

Coaxel Motor, Motor Genorator. Power System.

Experience the future of motor generator design with our innovative solutions tailored for hybrid power systems and dual coaxial motors. Our cutting-edge 100kW and 200kW brushless outrunner motors redefine performance benchmarks for drones, parasailing, and light aircraft. Packed with advanced technology including Halbach array, encoders, and temperature sensors, our motors ensure peak efficiency and redundancy in operation. Beyond aerospace, our motors find applications in wind machines, wind tunnels, and dyno fans, delivering unmatched reliability and performance. Join us in shaping the future of propulsion technology for a wide range of industries.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell. Hiybrid Power System.

Step into the future of sustainable energy with our cutting-edge hydrogen fuel cell solutions. From compact 2W units to robust 500kW systems, we design and manufacture fuel cells that power drones, light aircraft, and demanding power systems with unmatched efficiency. Our hybrid systems offer a perfect balance of lightweight design and unparalleled power, making them ideal for UAS and ground stations in remote areas. With our innovative fuel cell technology, you can elevate your operations while reducing your carbon footprint. Join us in revolutionizing power generation for a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.

Information Technolegey. Consultant.

Elevate your IT security with our comprehensive suite of services. From IT audits to inventory management, we ensure the integrity of your accounts and safeguard against threats. Our team actively monitors employee activities, reducing risks and ensuring compliance. With our expertise in E-commerce consultations and AI integration, we streamline operations and drive efficiency. Protect your data with our edge protection solutions, including VPN and PF Sense firewall configuration. Our email services offer end-to-end encryption, whether on the cloud or on-site, ensuring secure communication at all times. Partner with us to fortify your digital defenses and stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.

The Warehouse Drone Project. Inventory analysis .

The Warehouse Drone Project aims to streamline inventory management in a large vertical warehouse using Wi-Fi controlled Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). In this innovative approach, a drone equipped with a laser scanner collects inventory data while navigating the warehouse environment. The collected data is transmitted wirelessly to a server via Wi-Fi for real-time inventory tracking and management. By utilizing Wi-Fi connectivity, the drone can be remotely controlled and monitored, allowing for efficient and flexible operation within the warehouse space. The laser scanner onboard the drone enables accurate and rapid data collection, providing insights into inventory levels and locations throughout the facility. One key advantage of this system is its ability to detect and report discrepancies in inventory orientation. If items are not properly oriented for scanning, human error may occur, leading to inaccuracies in the inventory records. However, by leveraging the laser scanner technology and Wi-Fi connectivity, the drone can identify such issues and alert operators in real-time, enabling timely corrective actions to be taken. PIX HAWK Setup Document

The LMP Electric Race Car Project. Consultant.

The LMP Electric Race Car Project entails the conversion of a high-performance 6-cylinder Ford engine LMP (Le Mans Prototype) car, originally crafted in France and constructed predominantly from lightweight carbon fiber materials. The primary objective is to replace the conventional V6 engine with an advanced electric propulsion system comprising fuel cells, batteries, and four Brushless DC (BLDC) motors. These motors include a 425KW (570HP) BLDC motor and a 780KW DS-250-115 Dual Stack Brushless BLDC motor, resulting in a combined power output of 1250kW, representing a remarkable increase of 300% in horsepower.To accommodate the integration of the new electric powertrain and ensure optimal performance, specialized frames, axles, and cooling solutions are being engineered. Moreover, bespoke software is being developed for the Vehicle Electronic Speed Controller (VESC) to facilitate seamless integration and precise control of the electric propulsion system.The LMP Electric Race Car Project aims to push the boundaries of electric vehicle performance within the competitive realm of motorsport. Through the incorporation of cutting-edge electric propulsion technologies and the refinement of vehicle components, the project endeavors to showcase the potential of electric racing cars to deliver exceptional speed, agility, and efficiency on the racetrack. JS P4 LMP car for sale intrested in the car contact us

Long Range Reconnaissance UAS GIS analysis .

The Patrol Reconnaissance UAS Fixed-Wing Project entails the development of a cutting-edge unmanned aerial system (UAS) designed for extended surveillance missions lasting up to 12 hours. Combining the benefits of fixed-wing aircraft with a hybrid propulsion system, this UAS is engineered to excel in reconnaissance and communication relay tasks in remote areas. Key features of the UAS include fully autonomous waypoint navigation capabilities, allowing it to execute predefined flight paths with precision. Equipped with a sophisticated sensor suite comprising thermal imaging, LiDAR technology, and a 4K zoom tracking camera mounted on a gimbal, the UAS is capable of conducting detailed aerial surveys and reconnaissance operations. One of its primary functions is to actively scan for electronic radio signals in remote terrain, providing valuable intelligence for border patrol activities, crop analysis, and surveying. Additionally, the UAS is adept at mapping terrain using LiDAR and thermal imaging, facilitating GIS data processing and analysis. The project encompasses the design, testing, and workflow development phases, with a focus on optimizing the UAS's performance and functionality for diverse operational scenarios. Through rigorous testing and refinement, the goal is to create a highly capable and reliable platform that meets the demanding requirements of long-duration reconnaissance missions. LONG-RANGE VTOL FIXED

Hydrogen fuel Cell 800w, 1000w, 1800w with 2L-30L tankProduct Dev.

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell UAS Integration Project aims to enhance the range and endurance of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) by integrating hydrogen fuel cell technology. By utilizing hydrogen fuel cells with power outputs ranging from 800W to 1800W and fuel tanks varying in size from 2L to 30L, the project seeks to significantly extend the operational capabilities of UAS platforms. Key objectives of the project include: Integration of hydrogen fuel cell systems into existing UAS platforms to provide clean and efficient power generation. Optimization of power output and fuel consumption to maximize flight endurance and range. Development of lightweight and compact fuel cell components to minimize payload impact and ensure compatibility with UAS design requirements. Testing and validation of integrated systems to verify performance, reliability, and safety under various operating conditions. Expansion of UAS mission capabilities, including longer-range reconnaissance, surveillance, and aerial mapping applications. By harnessing the power of hydrogen fuel cells, the project aims to address the limitations of traditional battery-powered UAS, offering extended flight durations and operational ranges without compromising performance or payload capacity. Through systematic integration and testing processes, the project seeks to establish hydrogen fuel cell technology as a viable and sustainable solution for enhancing the capabilities of UAS across a wide range of applications. Buy Hydrogen fuel Cell 800w to 50000w