Brief Introduction
FY-41AP Lite is an inertial attitude measurement instrument used for FPV flight on fixed-wing aircrafts. It has an integrated OSD video overlay system that presents critical flight information such as power management, airspeed, altitude, and flight direction via its electronic compass, allowing for a clear visual flight while ensuring key information is within sight.
Flight stabilization is achieved via an integrated 3 axis gyro, 3 axis accelerometer and a barometric pressure sensor. This enables the module to accurately measure flight attitude, earth azimuth & relative altitude to achieve:
- Extremely stable conventional flight pattern
- Stabilized 3D flight
- Automatically return to home (RTL)
- Fixed altitude flight
- Heading lock flight
- Auto circling over a fixed GPS location.
Function Introduction
Deactivated Mode —— In this mode, the FY-41AP Lite auto stabilization is turned off. The aircraft is completely under pilot control.
Stabilized Mode —— Level flight is automatically maintained, making flight simple, especially for beginners. If a pilot feels the plane is out of control, simply reduce input control and the plane will automatically recover level flight.
3D Mode —— If no input is given by the pilot (all sticks in the middle position), 3D mode will lock the current aircraft attitude. Therefore the aircraft can be easily maneuvered to complete a variety of 3D flight with added stability & smoothness.
Fixed altitude & Heading lock Mode —— This mode maintains aircraft flight course & holds the altitude on activation. By using GPS data, the system automatically corrects flight course deviation & maintains straight-line flight.
Auto Return To Launch Mode (RTL) —— Upon activation of this Mode, the aircraft will automatically return to the Home point, maintaining its current altitude. Upon reaching the Home point, it will initiate auto circling.
Feiyu tech kindly remind you: You should to do the firmware upgrade separately for FY-41AP Lite control module and OSD module . UART1 is the interface connects to the data radio, computer serial port to do the firmware upgrade for FY-41AP Lite control module.If you want to upgrade the firmware of FY-41AP Lite OSD module,please click on here
OSD Video Overlay System Function
First Person View (FPV) —— FY-41AP Lite has an integrated OSD video overlay system that presents critical flight information on the video for easy enjoy FPV, at the same time, Auto stable, Fixed altitude & Heading lock, Auto Return To Home function will make FPV operation more easy.
OSD is an essential part for FPV. The FY-41AP Lite can adapt both PAL and NTSC video signals. The entire adaptive process is completed approximately within 1 second.
Integrated OSD Video Overlay System, FY-41AP Lite overlays flight telemetry information onto video image. Information displayed includes: Altitude, Speed, Direction, Home Direction and many more.
GCS ground station software, used to set the flight parameters, mission planning, monitoring in flight. Software integration of electronic map function can through the map software the Google earth live map out into the GCS software. The main function is
Parameter Settings — Control parameters setting, course setting, etc. Real time monitoring — It can monitor flight attitude. And via the GCS software you can change the flight altitude in real time and realize the mouse click flight.
Record and monitoring flight — You can monitor and download flight path via the GCS software in your computer.
Basic Performance
Supported aircraft:
1, Normal / Traditional fixed-wing planes;
2, Delta-winged plane with rudder;
3, Delta-winged plane without rudder;
4, V-tail plane with aileron;
5, V-tail plane without aileron;
FY-41AP Lite: 20g (61×39×14mm);
GPS :24g (32×32×13.5mm);
Air speed senor:9g (64×13.5×13.5mm);
Power Manager:35g(50×24×18mm);
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Mountain View
Mountain View
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