Pixracer Autopilot Xracer V1.0 FC BLACK Mini PX4 Built-in Wifi

The new Pixracer (formerly called XRacer) is available now and its fully supported by the Arducopter and PX4 community. Its a genuine open source project, already running with PX 4 stack software / QGroundControl (QGC), as well with Arducopter / Mission Planner (MP).
This is not just another small Pixhawk knock off or derivate, the Pixracer is the first autopilot of the new FMUv4 Pixhawk generation. Its coming with an upgraded Invensense Sensor generation (bye bye tricky LSM 303), a plug in Wifi board and last not least with a 2MB Flash : A real upgrade compared to former versions.
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Item name: Pixracer V1.0 Flight
MCU: STM32F427VIT6 rev.3
PCB dimension: 36mm*36mm
LDO Ultra low noise LDOs for sensors and FMU
MPU9250, ICM20608, baro MS5611, mag HMC5983
Connectors: GPS+I2C, RC-IN, PPM-IN, RSSI, SBus-IN, Spektrum-IN, USART3 ( TxD, RxD, CTS, RTS ), USART2 ( TxD, RxD, CTS, RTS ), FRSky-IN, FRSky-OUT, CAN, USART8 ( TxD, RxD ), ESP8266 ( full set ), SERVO1-SERVO6, USART7 ( TxD, RxD ), JTAG ( SWDIO, SWCLK ), POWER-BRICK ( VDD, Voltage, Current, GND ), BUZZER-LED_BUTTON
MicroSD card reader
Micro USB
WiFi ESP8266 802.11bgn ( Included !) .
This popular add on is a very versatile solution, you might want to check its wiki as well: http://www.esp8266.com/wiki/doku.php...th-the-esp8266 But don´t be scared, the included WiFi Module is coming ready to go ! JST GH series connectors for easy and robust peripheral connections, DF13 haters will love those!
Dimensions: 36 x 36mm with 30.5 x 30.5mm hole grid with 3.2mm holes Weight Pixracer: ( incl uSD and WiFi ) - app. 10.9g , ACSP4 - 7.86g ACSP5 app.
2.32g Full set of professional flexible silicone cables for almost any peripheral module included.
Power supply - 5-5.5VDC from USB or PowerBrick connector.
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