3 Axis Brushless Gimball HandHeld Landing Gear 32bit controller

Cinestar 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal Hand Held & copter Landing Gear 32bit controller
BG003-professional 3 axis Brushless Gimbal Free shipping by DHL Fedex
3-Axis Camera Mount hand held gimbal with 3pcs motors : I-Power GB8108 90T Roll,YAW & I-Power GB6208 150T Tilt Axis & Cinestar 3 Axis landing gear. Landing gear mount plate & Battery not included
custom motors & cages also available for the most popular BGC encoder motors on the market Pro Controller CAN IMU Set in Case available for extra $300
This KIT includes the Gimbal Stands MV052.
.New adjustable camera tray assembly no screwdriver required
.New adjustable swash plate assembly no screwdriver required
.New X Axis assembly with double bearing mount 360 degree rotation
.New aluminum hollow Roll bar add more space for different cameras
.New one piece carbon fiber handle lighter & more rigid
.New silica gel handle with metal clips more comfortable grip
.New X Tilt motor cage Z YAW motor cage aluminum joint connecting carbon fiber tubes

The MoViXX is a “digital 2-axis gyro-stabilized handheld camera gimbal.
” This thing weighs less than 3.5 pounds and is completely silent. No apparatus is required to operate it, but an additional gimbal operator with a joystick is available if you wish to capture certain camera effects. The MoViXX allows you to run, jump, slide, skip, and probably double backflip without the fear of an unsteady camera or shaky image.

Just to hit the implication home: it is lightweight, silent, and versatile enough to capture shots that usually require a dolly, tripod, or other heavy and burdensome stabilizers that requires herculean strength to operate (score one for me). Here’s a video demonstrating how the MoViXX works. Come on back after you put your jaws back in place:

gyro-stabilizers, it’s very rare that I look at a demo video of new gear with my jaw all the way on the floor, but after watching one for the new handheld stabilizing system called the MoViXX, I simply couldn't help myself. The MViXX utilizes gyro stabilization and accelerometer technology that, when seen in action, seems less like a mechanism and more like magic. Think of it this way: it’s basically like your handheld rig is now a Steadicam, and pretty much anyone can learn to use it in minutes and get footage that normally would have required years of experience. Sound scary and wonderful?
1 x Base Cam Electronics Extended Simple BGC3.0 32-bit 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal controller
1 x Analog Joystick
1 x Bluetooth UART dongle
1 x LIPO charger

Professional 3 axis Brushless Gimbal Hand Held
suitable camera dimensions:
The maximum width: 195mm
The maximum height: 225mm
The maximum depth: 150mm
Net Weight: includes motors 2.2kg
The payload weight: 9kg

Professional 3 axis Brushless Gimbal Hand Held BG003-pro Professional 3 axis Brushless Gimbal Hand Held Professional 3 axis Brushless Gimbal Hand Held Professional 3 axis Brushless Gimbal Hand Held Professional 3 axis Brushless Gimbal Hand Held
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