64kw ESC 22S 800A 80V@800amps for large Brushless Motor

64kw ESC 22S 800A 80V@800amps 64kw 80V @ 800 amps Express Shipping only By DHL/FedEx
User upgradable firmware.
Two-way communication when connecting with PC.
Easy programming using Programmer or via PC
Li-MH/Li-Po, Ni-Cd/ Ni-MH, LiFe battery chemistries are supported.
Adjustable low voltage cutoff:
Li-MH/Li-Po from 2.0V – 3.6V
Ni-Cd/ Ni-MH 4-1.0V
LiFe from 2.2 – 2.8V
Reverse function. Adjustable motor power in forward and reverse modes
Automatic throttle detection
Auto cut off the power within 3 seconds if lost contact with the throttle.
Adjustable Timing (0°-30°) to match the motor type
Product Details
1. Reverse: On/Off.
2. Timing:0°,1°,2°,3°,4°……30°.
3. Frequency: 8KHz, 16 KHz, 32 KHz.
4. Acceleration: Soft / Medium / Hard.
5. Accumulator type:NiCd/NiMh,Li-Ion/Li-Pol,LiFe.
6. NiCd/NiMH CUTOFF:×0.05,0.4V,0.5V,0.6V,0.7V,0.8V,0.9V,1.0V.×0.05 means
the cut off voltage is 5% the voltage while connecting.
7. Number of cells:Auto,2S,3S,4S,5S,6S,7S,8S,9S,10S,11S,12S,16S.
8. LiIo/Pol CUTOFF:2.0V,2.1V,2.2V,2.3V,2.4V,2.5V,2.6V,2.7V,2.8V,
9. LiFe cutoff:2.2V,2.3V,2.4V,2.5V,2.6V,2.7V,2.8V
10. Cut Off Type::Slow down,Hard. l
11. Power limited forward: Off, 75%, 50%, 25%.
12. Power limited reverse: Off, 75%, 50%, 25%.
13. Delay time when direction convert: 0.25S, 0.5S, 0.75S, 1S, 1.5S, 2S, 3S, 5S.
14. Reverse point:Auto,fixed 1.0mS,fixed 1.1mS,fixed 1.2mS,fixed 1.3mS.
15. Forward point:Auto,fixed 1.7mS,fixed 1.8mS,fixed 1.9mS,fixed 2.0mS.
16. Throttle curve: Logarithmical,Linear,Exponential.
17. Rotation direction: Left, Right.
18. Timing monitor (TIMING MONTITOR): ON, Off.

ESC 22S 800A Paramotor, RC Drone Brushless Motor
ESC 22S 800A Paramotor, RC Drone Brushless Motor
ESC 22S 800A Paramotor, RC Drone Brushless Motor
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