iFlight Success X X80A 80A BLheli32 2-8S DShot1200 ESC

SucceX X80A 32bit BLHeli Dshot1200 Single ESC was designed to give
your motors smooth power with great stability and durability.
The 32bit 48mHz SG071 MCU and 11 pieces TDK MLCC total 240UF Low ESR
capacitors bring faster-responding speed and smoother flying experience.
- 2-8S input (max 8S)
- 80A 8 layers 4OZ copper PCB, better operating load capacity;
- 11 pieces TDK MLCC total 420UF Low ESR capacitors, lower ripple and more stable;
- Top grade NTMFS5C430NL MOSFET, stable and reliable;
- 1 * 3528 LED for power- on display;
- Rational layout, large soldering pad, countersinks and semicircle orifices
enable each layer to be energized after power-on.
Due to some global supply issues, the MUC was updated.
Before F051 MCU changed to G071 MCU
Product Details
- Dimension: 40*17mm
- Weight:8.1g without wire
- Supports 2-8S lipo input
- STM32G071 MCU, 48Mhz Runs BLHELI 32.X Firmware
- Capacitance: total 240UF Low ESR
- Telemetry output
- BEC: No
- Supports: DShot DShot150/300/600/1200/MultiShot/OneShot PWM Drive
- Target: iFlight-BL32-PRO
- BLHeliSuite download :https://github.com/blheli-configurator/blheli-configurator/releases
- Weigh: 8.1g
- Current Sensor
- Telemetry output
- Motor Timing
- Brake on Stop
Please make sure the ESC has connected with 35V
470uf electronic capacity. Does not support 52xx motor.
iFlight SucceX X80A 80A BLheli_32 2-8S DShot1200 ESC
iFlight SucceX X80A 80A BLheli_32 2-8S DShot1200 ESC
iFlight SucceX X80A 80A BLheli_32 2-8S DShot1200 ESC
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