Thermal Imaging Camera Tarot 3 Axis Gimbal 640

The three-axis gimbal with built-in 640 thermal imaging movement manufactured
by Tarot is a professional three-axis thermal imaging gimbal built by our company
for the needs of many industries such as power inspection and fire protection.
It adopts the industrial design of full CNC overall ribbed structure, built-in
independent IMU to accurately control the attitude of the gimbal, integrates a
dedicated servo drive module for the gimbal, supports two working modes of
pointing and following and FPV first-view angle, and is equipped with a
professional-grade 640 thermal imaging camera, which can be widely used
It is used in many industries such as fire protection, forest public security,
public security monitoring, search and rescue, and environmental law enforcement.
1. The gimbal supports wide voltage 3-6S input;
2. Mechanical three-axis image stabilization, ±0.01° image stabilization accuracy;
3. Aluminum alloy structure design, light and strong, good heat dissipation performance;
4. Highly optimized servo motor vector control algorithm;
5. Fast AV signal video output mode;
6. Controllable angle of rotation (PAN): ±125°;
7. Pitch direction controllable angle (TILT): -120° to +80°;
8. S-Bus/PWM receiver support;
9. The thermal imaging output resolution of the movement is 640*512;
10. Multi-mode optional on the movement debugging software (computer side);
11. Weight 278g Product Details
Functional indicators
- Video output: AV output PAL system (does not support internal recording)
- Support control type (PTZ): PWM, S.Bus
Gimbal technical indicators
- Input power: 3S-6S Lipo (11V-26V)
- Working current: 30mA (@ 25V); 50mA(@12V)
- Locked rotor current: 350mA (@ 25V); 700mA(@12V)
- Working ambient temperature: - 20 ?~+50 ?
- Weight: 278g
- Maximum overall dimension (length, width and height): 96mm * 80mm * 99mm
- Maximum speed: pitch (± 200 degrees/second);
Roll (± 200 degrees/second); Pointing (± 200 degrees/second)
- Controllable rotation range: pitch (- 120 degrees~+80 degrees);
Direction (- 125 degrees to+125 degrees)
- Attitude control accuracy: ± 0.02 degrees
- Assembled camera model: 640 thermal imaging camera
Camera technical indicators
- Array size: 640 * 512
- Lens type: 13mm F1.2
- Focus type: no heat
- Angle of view (horizontal × Vertical): 33 ° × 26°
- Instantaneous field angle: 0.95 mrad
- Pixel spacing: 12 µ m
- Detector frame rate: 50Hz
- Response band: 8 ~ 14 µ m
- Noise equivalent temperature difference: = 50mK@25 ?, F # 1.0 (= 40mK optional)
- TEC: None
- Brightness and contrast adjustment: manual mode/automatic mode/linear mode
- Polarity: black heat/white heat
- False color: support
- Crosshairs: displaying/hiding/moving
- Image processing: Shutterless I, nonuniformity correction,
digital filtering noise reduction, digital detail enhancement
- Image image: left/right/up/down/diagonal
- Camera debugging interface: Type-c
- Camera debugging software: PC Computer terminal (Win10 and above, drive free)
Tarot 3 Axis Gimbal 640 Thermal Imaging Camera TL3T20
Tarot 3 Axis Gimbal 640 Thermal Imaging Camera TL3T20
Tarot 3 Axis Gimbal 640 Thermal Imaging Camera TL3T20
Tarot 3 Axis Gimbal 640 Thermal Imaging Camera TL3T20
Tarot 3 Axis Gimbal 640 Thermal Imaging Camera TL3T20
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