TAROT Mini 250 Carbon Metal Quad copter main frame Kit

Tarot Mini 250 Quad copter is only one integrated frame on the market that can plug or solder the camera, image addition system, battery power, ESC, 5.8G wireless picture transmission, antenna, GPS on the PCB. It reduces the wiring cables and installing time.

Tarot Mini 250 is the highest integration degree among the same kind of products. The body adopts the 2.1mm of pure carbon fiber, simple frame, 450 helicopter’s landing skids, bring very low maintain cost. The frame built-in all the electric equipments hole sites to reduce interference for flight. Light weight design ensure the copter longer flight time.
Product Details
Middle pure carbon board--2mm*1 (159x33x2mm)
● Front pure carbon board--2mm*1 (219x49x2mm)
● Back ward pure carbon board--2mm*1 (219x58x2mm)
● Front standing pure carbon board--1mm*1 (159x33x2mm)
● PCB board*1 (181x106x19.5mm)
● Plastic landing skids*1 (175x108x43mm)
● Front metal support bracket*1 (73x10x8mm)
● Button head socket screw*7 (M2x4mm)
● Upper metal bracket*2 (48.5x4x8mm)
● Socket screw*6 (M2x12mm)
● Dual-faced paster*1 (35x35x1.5mm)
● Battery Velcro belt*1
● Battery tie belt*1
● Chinese/English manual*1
● Wheelbase: 250mm
● Net height / Overall height: 43mm / 85.8mm
● Net length / Overall height: 195mm / 288mm
● Net width / Overall width: 219mm / 315mm
● Bottom net height: 21.8mm
● Net weight / Flight weight: 115g / 430g (including 2200mAh batter)
Some products below will be published very soon, we will keep updating soon: Related items number (Not included):
● TAROT Mini 200: TL200A/TL200B
● TAROT Mini 250: TL250A/TL250B
● TAROT Mini 300: TL300A/TL300B
● OSD Image additiona/GPS: TL300L
● 600mW 5.8G MiNi wireless Picture transmission unit: TL300N
● Mini Camera: TL300M
● CC3D open pilot flight control system: TL300D (open source )
● 5.8G picture transmission antenna: TL300K
Recommended configuration (Not included):
● 3-blade CW CCW propeller: 5 inch FOR Mini 200/250
● 3-blade CW CCW propeller: 6 inch FOR Mini300
● ESC: 12A with BEC
● Motor: 1860-2280KV
● Battery: 15C/11.1V/2200mAh
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