Hydrogen fuel cells Bipolar plates UAV PEM stack only 10w-8kw

Bipolar plates fuel cells used in UAV PEM stack only consisting of
plates stack only. Fuel cell Controller, piping, valves is not included.
plate stacks only customer is responsible for additional parts to get the stack to work.
10w to 8000w system plates only.
stack performance data:
fuel cell Systems spec sheets
Product Details
Power rating :
10w/6v, 20w/6v, 30w/6v, 60w/12v, 100w/12v, 200w/24v, 220w/24v, 250w/24v,
300w/24v, 500w/24v, 600w/24v , 1000w/36v, 1000w/42v, 1500w/42v, 2000w/25v,
2500w/48v, 3000w/48v, 3500w/48v, 4000w/48v, 5000w/60v, 6000w/72v
Output range : 21-35V 27-45V 24.6-41V 27.6-46V 36-48V 48-85V
Voltage rating : 21V 27V 24.6V 27.6V 36V 48V 85V
Current rating : 9.5A 18.5A 34A 23.8A 36A 39A 62.5A 83.2A
Dimension : 95*92*95 130*120*185 146*112*260 146*134*260 155*80*110
180*164*98 291*260*98 320*268*115 496*264*160 660*268*167
Weight : 0.7kg 1.1kg 1.5kg 1.7kg 2.5kg 3.5kg 3.7kg 5.8kg 7kg 13kg 15kg
Hydrogen purity: >99.9%
Oxidizer Oxygen from the air
Temperature: 0 ?—35 ?
Humidity: 10%-90% RH
Cell Prise:
10w/6v($495), 20w/6v($585), 30w/6v($785), 60w/12v($845), 100w/12v($999), 200w/24v($1391),
220w/24v($1541), 250w/24v($1699), 300w/24v($3085), 500w/24v($3885), 600w/24v($4680),
1000w/36v($5780), 1000w/48v($6093), 1500w/28v($7814), 2000w/48v($8987), 2500w/48v($10738),
3000w/48v($12138), 3500w/48v($14006), 4000w/48v($17507), 5000w/48v($20975),
6000w/48v($30975), light waight cell 8000w/48v($40975)
please contact for more details OEM services available
Bipolar plates fuel cells used in UAV PEM stack only
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