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Step into the Future with BrushlessGimbal.ca: With its cutting-edge
technology and advanced design, the H1 Bipedal Humanoid Robot by
Unitree is set to revolutionize the world of robotics. Crafted for excellence,
this marvel of engineering brings unprecedented capabilities to your fingertips.
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Brushlessgimbal.ca , Seamless Performance: The H1 boasts a powerful
combination of precision-engineered components and state-of-the-art
features. With a compact dimension of 1520+285
millimetersx570millimetersx220millimeters, it's designed to navigate
dynamic environments with ease. Its thigh and shin length of 400millimeters
by 2, along with arm length of 338millimeters by 2, provide a human-like
range of motion.
Dynamic Movement: H1's exceptional degree of freedom (DOF) empowers
each leg with 5 DOFs (Hipx3+Kneex1+Anklex1), enabling lifelike and graceful
movements. Its robust knee torque of 360newton meters, hip joint torque of
220newton meters, and ankle torque of 45newton meters ensure unparalleled
stability and agility.
Intelligent Power: Equipped with a 15Ah battery (0.864KWh) and a max voltage of
67.2volts, the H1 can operate efficiently for extended periods. Its power-efficient
design ensures longer mission durations, making it a reliable choice for a wide
range of applications.
Smart Cognition: The H1 isn't just strong; it's also intelligent. With 3D LIDAR
and depth camera sensor configurations, it can perceive and adapt to its
surroundings. The inclusion of 2 times Intel Core i7-1265U computers empowers
it with exceptional control and recognition capabilities.
Versatile Applications: Whether it's navigating complex terrains, assisting
in disaster scenarios, or augmenting industrial processes, the H1 is your
versatile solution. Its walking speed range of 1.5m/s to 5m/s enables swift
traversal, and the optional flexible fingers hands add an extra layer of
adaptability (extra cost).
Precision at Your Fingertips: The H1's arm joints, with a torque of 75newton meters
each, offer exceptional precision and control. Moreover, the expandable
4 DOFs IMU per arm allow for adaptable tool integration, opening up endless
possibilities for research and applications.
Embrace the future with the H1 Brushless Geared Actuator Bipedal Humanoid Robot.
Experience unmatched capabilities, seamless integration, and limitless potential.
Revolutionize industries, redefine possibilities – the future starts here, with the H1.
Product Details
Unitree H1 Parameter
Dimension 1520+285 mmx570mmx220mm
thigh & Shin Length 400mmx2
arm length 338mmx2
DOF of each leg 5(Hipx3+Kneex1+Anklex1)
DOF of each arm 4(Expandable)
Total Dimensions About 47kg
Knee Torque 360N.m
Hip Joint Torque 220M.m
Ankle Torque 45N.m
Arm Joint Torque 75N.m
walking Speed 1.5m/s to 5m/s
Battery 15ah (0.864KWh), Max Voltage 67.2V
Control & Recognition Computer 2 x intel Core I7-1265U
Sensor Configuration 3D LIDAR + Depth Camera
Flexible Fingers Hands Extra cost Optinal
Unitree H1 bipedal humanoid robot
Unitree H1 bipedal humanoid robot
Unitree H1 bipedal humanoid robot
Unitree H1 bipedal humanoid robot
Unitree H1 bipedal humanoid robot
Unitree H1 bipedal humanoid robot
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