Remote RC Controller GPS compositable for VESC controller

Applications: Hydrofoil
Electric Surfboard, Electric Paddle Board Kayak
Electric Skateboard, Electric Longboard
Excellent waterproof performance: By using magnetic encoder,
waterproof screen and wireless charging, the protection
level of remote controller IP68 is realized
Multi-parameter display: Speed, Direction, Battery status,
Bluetooth and GPS signal status, ESC temperature,
motor rpm, Cruise status, and Throttle
Multi-protocol support: VESC Communication Protocol, PWM, Dshot300
Integrated housing: The shell is glued using ultrasonic
technology to improve the operation comfort and appearance
Multi-operation mode: Throttle, Cruise
(10% step length increase or decrease)
Convenient charging: Wireless charging technology
is adopted to realize remote charging and use
Product Details
Handle (Transmitter):
Waterproof: IP68
Sensor Type: Non-contact Hall sensor
CPU: NRF52840
Battery: 3.7V/1450mAh
Endurance Time: >10 hours
Display: 128x128 1.5” OLED, Yellow screen
Power Supply: 3.3V
Throttle signal output: 1-2ms 50Hz PWM 5V Max/VESC TTL
Voltage detection range: 5-60V
Wireless charger:
Wireless charging standard: QI
Input interface: Micro USB
Input: 5V/2A
Output: 5V/1A
Charging power: 10W
Operation and configurations:
Handle (Transmitter):
Power On: Hold Button for 1 Second.
Power Off: Hold Button for 1 Second.
Pairing Guide:
Power on the receiver
Power on the transmitter and keep a distance of <1 m to the receiver
When the Bluetooth symbol stops flashing, pairing is successful.
Cruise Control On/Off: Hold Button for 2 Seconds
Increase Speed: Click Button (10%)
Decrease Speed: Click Button (10%)
REVERSE Reverse On/Off: Hold Button for 2 seconds
Main Menu Enter/Exit: Hold buttons & for 2 seconds
Submenu: Double Click Button to select submenu
BT(Batteries number) MP(Motor pole pairs)
ST(Signal type): 0:VESC TTL 1: PWM
TC (Throttle calibration)
Set Value: Click Button or to change and set value
1 Remote Controller GPS compositable with vesc controller for efoil, surfboard, jet board, vehicle ect
1 Remote Controller GPS compositable with vesc controller for efoil, surfboard, jet board, vehicle ect
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