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Our remote-controlled camera drones are designed for professional use. They hardly vibrate at all and are particularly stable in the air, thanks to constant optimisation and further development. Any oscillations caused during flight are automatically offset by the dynamic camera mount, thus guaranteeing wobble-free images as per your direction. The standard camera system includes high-performance camera from RED, SONY, CANON and LUMIX, which can all provide up to 4K HD images.

Hire Camera helicopter for photo and film production
Pilot fee, technical equipment incl.  safely contributions apply pursuant to insurance, social security.
RED scarlet-X 4K
1 day (6 hours) *contact:
½ day (3 hours) *contactcontactcontact
1 hour (photo only)contact
Hire video glassescontactcontactcontact
Travel expenses per kmcontactcontactcontact
Overnight accommodation per personAs per receiptAs per receiptAs per receipt
Data storage on customer data volumecontactcontactcontact

 Additional fee camera operator: 1 day (6 hours): $1000 , 1/2 day (3 hours): $600

Please note our terms and conditions that are valid for all orders. Hiring equipment without our personnel is not possible for insurance reasons.

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