Power Generator FUEL CELL

MMC 800W Hydrogen Fuel Cell System Eco-friendly and Highly Secure
Water Cooled EFI Hybrid Gas Electricity Generator, Air cooled hydrogen fuel cell power Generator

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hydrogen power system is a light-weighted and compact hydrogen fuel cell system, and it provides
endurable and stable electricity output. It is applicable to UAV power system, electric bike, electric
golf car, electric boat, emergency power supply, outdoor power supply, etc.
200w - 1000W hydrogen fuel cell has a simple appearance with a dimension of 26cm*11cm*15cm,
only a little larger thana 26000mAh drone Li-po battery. The 800W fuel cell only weighs about
1.5kg, provides 120mins of power. It uses the metal polar plate technology, reducing its weight by 50% compared to
Li-po battery. combustion engine needs to convert the chemical energy to kinetic energy and then to electricity,
leading to an energy efficiency less than 20%. The hydrogen fuel cell converts the chemical energy directly
to electricity, and the energy efficiency can be as high as 50%. hydrogen fuel cell generates noise less
than 50 dB. It’s easy to conceal itself in a secret operation.
800w fuel cell has a standard voltage of 24.6V and standard current of 34A. One 1.5kg fuel cell is
powerful enough to lift an 8kg drone with power output similar to that of a 6S drone battery

Hydrogen Fuel Cell System SPECIFICATIONS:
Power rating : 200w 500w 800w 1000w
Output range :21-35V 27-45V 24.6-41V 27.6-46V
Voltage rating: 21V 27V 24.6V 27.6V
Current rating: 9.5A 18.5A 34A 36A
Dimension: 95*92*95 130*120*185 146*112*260 146*134*260
Weight (fan included) : 0.7kg 1.1kg 1.5kg 1.7kg
Hydrogen purity:>99.9%
Oxidizer :Oxygen from the air
Temperature:0 ℃—35 ℃
Humidity:10%-90% RH
Local: LED and Buzzer
Remote: RS232 serial port / CAN transmission

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