WK-1900 X8 coaxial Foldable Fire suppression UAV

(image for) WK-1900 X8 coaxial Foldable Fire suppression UAV
WK-1900 X8 coaxial Foldable Fire suppression UAV
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WK-1900 Intelligent obstacle avoidance system made by high-precision sensors,
the laser ranging can reach up to 180meters, the obstacle can be
identified from 2 to 20meters (adjustable)in the front direction and
the brake is decelerated to prevent risks caused by wrong operation and
guarantee your flight safety. Both obstacle avoidance and ranging pro-tection
make your flight safer and increase the probability of rescue, 43Minutes in a single flight.
Dry powder fire extinguishing operation
Four-axis fire extinguishing UAV has the advantages of large load capacity,
strong wind resistance ability, high scattering accuracy, and can spray fire extinguishing
powder in close range. Special fire extinguishing UAV for high-rise buildings.
The maximum load can be up to 60KG and the flight time can be up to 43 minutes
without load. It folded fuselage design, super load and anti - vibration design,
can quickly reach the high-rise fire, using high power
camera view examine the fire; Supports mounting of a variety of firefighting applications.
Water hose Fire extinguishing operation
WK-1900 water belt stay fire extinguishing UAV, is designed for urban high-rise
fire fighting, UAV through high altitude water spraying fire fighting operation,
fully realize the advantages of remote separation between operators and fire scene,
can protect the fire fightingpersonnel very well body is safe. The UAV has the
advantages of novel structure, stableand reliable performance, flexible operation,
convenient maintenance, long spray distance and flow rate Big and so on. The drone
can be mounted on a fire truck and canbe launched quickly through a special
high-pressure hose and fire truck water tank Connected, the high-efficiency
foam/water extinguishing agent inside the tank of thefire truck is transported
to the UAV platform and horizontally sprayed out at the nozzle nozzle ,To achieve
the effect of fire fighting, improve the efficiency of fire fightingoperation.
Product Details
obstacle avoidance 2 to 20meters
laser ranging up to 180meters
60KG Maximum load
184 Cubic Fire volume
Lidar Ranging
Using lidar technology
30X Zoom Camera
Long-range and high-altitude fire fighting beyond visual range
43 Minutes Flight time (no load)
IP43 Protection grade
12KM transmission Maximum image transmission
night vision targeting system
Optional high-altitude launcher fire-extinguishing bomb module
Over the horizon remote high altitude fire extinguishing
Realize remote control and rapid fire extinguishing
WK-1900 X8 coaxial Foldable Fire suppression UAV
WK-1900 X8 coaxial Foldable Fire suppression UAV
WK-1900 X8 coaxial Foldable Fire suppression UAV
WK-1900 X8 coaxial Foldable Fire suppression UAV

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